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Item Information

R/C Suite: Tools Build, Fly, and Maintain RC Models and Rockets

For Sale
Tools to Build, Fly, and Maintain Model Aircraft
$30 USD
Price Firm. Cash Only. Local Pickup Only, No 3rd Party Pickups
All Included (except black mat in background)
A $100+ Value
From Right to Left:
Plastic Wrap
Fine Paint Brush
Industrial Pencil
Mono Coat Iron Thermometer
Adjustable Mono Coat Iron with Sock (used) and Stand, 120VAC
40 Watt Pencil Tip Soldering Iron with 60/40 Rosen Core Solder, 120VAC
Adjustable Tension Sanding Block with 220 grit Sandpaper (Used)
Compass with Pencil
Black Sharpie Indelible Pen
Oil Bottle
CA Accelerator
CA De-Bonder
Plastic Cement
Brush Cleaner Solution
Fine Tooth Balsa Saw
Fine Flat File
4 Piece Hinge Tools with 4 Piece Guide Set (guides are black plastic items below red tools)
5 and 6 mm Crescent Wrench
Small Drill Bit
4 Assorted Allen Wrenches
Sealable Fishing License Holder (can be used for AMA Card)
Small Flat/Ball Peen Hammer
Dremel Cutting Wheels, Diamond and Wood with Shaft
Two Xacto Tools, Wide and Narrow, with Blades
Mono Coat Trimmer with Dedicated Xacto Tool, Blade, and 90 Degree and 45 Degree Guides
Diagonal Cutters
6 Pack of Tin Handle (acid) Brushes
Combo Screw Driver with Phillips, Flat, and 2 Small Torx Bits
Needle Nose Pliers
Offset Flat Screwdriver
Small Awl
Air Valve Tool
3/16 x 4 Socket for Combo Screw Driver
Contour Putty
Plastic Wood
Permanent and Removable Blue Tread Locking Solution
Fiberglass Patch Material
Magnetic License Holder (black/clear)
Husky 13 Piece 1/4 Inch Drive Set with Case
6 Piece Allen Driver Set
3 Control Override Servo Savers
Nylon Hinges
Battery Clips
Assortments of RC Hardware including Servo Wheels and Levers, Shafts, and Stops
Long Needle Tip Probe
Antenna and Battery Wire
V-Tail Mixer Assembly
220 Grit Sandpaper
Assembly Pins and Applicator Tips
Baby Powder (talc) for Rubber Band Life and Parachute Lubricant (for model rockets)
PVC Battery Hose
Fuel Filter Fitting
Brass Tube
Heavy Duty Spring
Self Stick Foam
Alligator Clips (red and black)
Ball Chain Fragment with Hasps
Two 1.75T Wheels
Lint Free Wipes
8 Inches of Silicone Fuel Hose
4 Way Glow Plug Wrench 8, 9, 10, and 12 mm, with Spare Glow Plug
Rubber Band Coating Bag
3 Various Size Wooden Props
Chicken Stick Starting Tool (wood)
Box of Rubber Bands
2 Ton Strength Clear Epoxy Mix
30 Minute Slow Cure 2 Part Epoxy
1 Large Black Zip Tie

Please contact Paul at (603) 7322-3973.
Thanks for looking.

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P Romsky
1 years ago

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R/C Suite: Tools Build, Fly, and Maintain RC Models and Rockets (Item 10330)
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