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R/C Suite: Airtronics 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver with 2 Servos

For Sale
Airtronics (Sanwa) Vanguard VG6DR Radio Control Transmitter/Receiver/Servos
$100 USD
Firm Price, Local Pickup Only, No 3rd Party Pickup
6 Channel
Digital Proportional FM
72 MHz Band (model aircraft use only)
Channel Slot 34 Matched Transmitter/ Receiver (can be changed to other channels using plug in crystals - not included)
Channel 34 Tag and 72 MHz Flag at Tip of Antenna
Forward/Reverse Direction Selection Switches for Each Channel under Front Flip-down Cover
Aileron and Elevator Dual Rate (D/R) Sensitivity Pots Under Flip-down Cover
Dual Two Axis Joysticks
Right Joystick Has Return to Center Spring for Both Axises (best for elevators and ailerons) 
Left Joystick Has Return to Center Spring for Left/Right Axis (best for rudder and throttle) 
Trim Adjustments for Each Joystick Channel
Extend/Retract Gear Channel Switch
3 Position Aux Channel Switch
Normal/Dual Rate Select Switches for Ailerons and Elevator
Battery Strength Meter
Trainer Port for use as a Teacher or Trainer Control
Master Switch, Hold to Give Control to Trainer (remote), Release to Get Control Back to Teacher (local)
Transmitter Battery Charging Port (battery included)
Center Power Switch
Lanyard Ring for Natural Position Hanging (neck lanyard not included)
Joysticks have Adjustable Height Knob
45 Inch Retractable Whip Antenna is in Perfect Condition
Bench Tested and Found to be Fully Functional
7 Channel Receiver with Power Switch and Charging Plug (battery Included)
2 Servos
Dual Transmitter/Receiver Charger with Charging Status LEDs (120 VAC Line Power)
6 Inch Servo Extension Cable
Light Weight: 1.5 lbs 
Dimensions:  7.5 x 4 x 8.5 Inches (L x W x H) Antenna Fully Retracted
Great as a Primary, Backup, or as a Handy Training Controller Transmitter

I also have a Flight Box and Tools for sale: See separate ads (Starting with “R/C Suite” ... to be posted soon).

Please contact Paul at (603) 732-3973.
Thanks for looking.

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P Romsky
1 years ago

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R/C Suite: Airtronics 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver with 2 Servos (Item 10332)
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